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Styling Bundle

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Treat your mane with this handcrafted duo made from clean and natural ingredients. The Be Curl-licious Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner is a styling essential that helps detangle while keeping hair supple and moist.

Following your conditioning routine with the Be Curl-lightful Curl Defining Custard creates light and bouncy curls that receive double the hydration. Both products contain horsetail extract and marshmallow root that condition all hair types while moisturizing and strengthening the scalp.

How to Apply to Hair:
Splitting hair down the middle, apply Be Curl-liscious to sections of soaking wet hair. Hair must be drenched to ensure cuticles are wide open to allow ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft.

Next, add the Be Curl-lightful Curl Defining Custard on hair separated into 2-inch sections and run it through with your fingers or a Felicia Leatherwood brush. The marshmallow root contains emollient properties that coat and smooth over hair for easy detangling.