Be Free Rose Water Mousse is a lightweight styling mousse that swells the hair cuticle for max volume. It spreads easier than a gel or custard for flowing locks that maintain touchability.

• Improves hair volume and manageability
• Helps fortify hair to prevent damage.
• Nourishes hair from root to tip
• Gluten-free, paraben-free, silicone-free and non-GMO

Be Kekoa


Whether you’re just getting to know us or you’re planning a visit, welcome to our tribe. Be Kekoa is your one-stop-shop for the ultimate curl healing experience. Anyone who walks through our doors may enter as a stranger but definitely leaves as a friend.

  • Designed by
    Designed by

    Tired of using one-size-fits-all products that did not work for her clients, Brandie Kekoa branched out and created a line of her own.

  • A Mix of
    A Mix of

    Together with Tricia Ambroziak, our on-site Aromatherapist & Cosmetic formulator, Brandie brings handcrafted hair & skin products to life.

  • Locally Handcrafted
    Locally Handcrafted

    It's all about transparency for us. We craft out products right in our salon where you can watch the process and see the clean ingredients we use.

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Meet Brandie Kekoa

"I founded Be Kekoa with one goal- to empower my tribe to rock their naturally curly, coily, wavy, and textured hair unapologetically. Our services and products focus on healing hair while we educate to promote long-lasting healthy hair habits."

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We've created a culture where learning about the clean ingredients we use and how to treat different conditions is a part of the Be Kekoa Experience.

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Looking for the ultimate healing experience? As your curl healing gurus, we’re happy to introduce the Be Kekoa Curl Healing Kit: everything you need to revive your natural waves, curls, and coils. 

This all-in-one kit contains 5 curl-loving products packed full of clean, natural, and ultra-hydrating ingredients to tease out your natural bounce and moisture to beckon your hair’s natural beauty back, from our popular Be Clair Clarifying Shampoo to our handcrafted Rose Water Mousse.

Once you’ve indulged in the 5-Step Curl Healing Kit, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Sets the tone for long-lasting healthy habits your curly hair will thank you for.


Testimonial from a Real Be Kekoa Client

Brandie Kekoa is known as "The Curl Healer" by all of her clients in Temecula, CA. Watch one of her clients tell her real curl story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Be Kekoa mean?

Be Kekoa means “fierce warrior” in Hawaiian and that  is exactly what we embody from our products to our people. For us, being a fierce warrior means we’re not here to fit in. We’re here to disrupt the hair care industry by creating our own seat at the table. You won’t see us using trendy buzzwords or making unnecessary claims. We stick to the basics and let our services and products do the talking.

Are your products organic?

The shampoos and conditioners have certified organic ingredients and the stylers that our cosmetic chemist makes are organic, organically grown, and/or wild crafted.

Can I mix and match Be Kekoa products?

Yes, our products work best with each other. While you are of course free to  use any of your favorite products along side ours, our salon customers have raved time and time again about seeing the real “Be Kekoa Difference” when they use our product from shampoo and conditioners to our styling agents. 

How is Be Kekoa different from others?

We have handcrafted products that are handpicked and put together by our fierce leader, Brandie Kekoa, based on her many years of experience as a curl healer matched by her unending dedication to each individual’s well being. Plainly said, each product is created to not only heal, mend, and nourish your hair, but also make you feel confident and love your curls even more! 

What hair types is Be Kekoa meant for?

All types! We specialize in every type of curl in the curl spectrum: wavy, coily, tight. Our products also cater to those with scalp conditions, dry, damaged (color/heat/chemical), oily, greasy, and brittle hair. There’s  a Be Kekoa product that works for all our curly tribe. 

Located in Beautiful Temecula, CA
Located in Beautiful Temecula, CA

Be Kekoa Salon

Be Kekoa Salon is a black & woman-owned healthy hair studio & beauty brand uniquely positioned at the intersection of textured hair and natural skincare.

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Calling All Salon Owners & Hair Stylists
Calling All Salon Owners & Hair Stylists

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