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Be Lola Intense Hydrating Mask


Be Lola, is a line inspired by the deep connection and love of a daughter for her mother. After witnessing Lola’s brutal struggle with cancer, and the strength she displays each day through the roller coaster of emotions, Brandie was inspired to create a line that attests to the fortitude of the human soul. “I thought, I could either choose to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of her fight or to be inspired by her grace each day, so I chose the latter”.

Brandie’s mom Lola is the heart of this project and has played an integral part in its design. She wants the scent of her deep conditioner to be uplifting to the mind-body and soul, and at the same time provide the healing, calming effects made from products which are of the highest quality and of the gentlest nature. You see, the radical effects of chemotherapy leave the skin and scalp in a state of disrepair. Nothing but the gentlest products provide effective relief for these warriors.

With that in mind, Be Kekoa has combined the highest quality Shea butter with Kukui Nut Oil, sustainably sourced from a small network of families belonging to the indigenous Kanaka Hawaiian people on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

We’ve enhanced the scent with a combination of apricot plant-based fragrance, rose, grapefruit, thyme, and linalool which enriches the hair, scalp, mind, body, and spirit. Be Lola Deep Conditioner not only moisturizes and conditions the hair, but offers immune support among other benefits.