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Our Story

Be Kekoa™ is a black and woman-owned healthy hair studio and beauty brand uniquely positioned at the intersection of textured hair and natural skincare.

Our Philosophy

We're The Curl Healers™

Whether you’re just getting to
know us or you’re planning a visit, welcome to our tribe. Be Kekoa™ is your one-stop-shop for the ultimate curl healing experience.

Salon-Focused Quality

It's all about transparency for us. We craft out products right in our salon where you can watch the process and see the clean ingredients we use.

We've created a culture where learning about the clean ingredients we use and how to treat different conditions is a part of the Be Kekoa™ experience

More Than Just Hair

'Be Kekoa™ Feel Good' is a vibe.
Yes, we’re a salon, but when you walk through our doors you’ll feel right at home.

We make sure this
goodness flows out into the world through our services, retail distribution, healthy hair care education, and community empowerment.

Meet Our Founder
Brandie Kekoa

Known as "The Curl Healer" by all of her clients in Temecula, CA, Brandie Kekoa is a 3rd generation haircare professional following in the footsteps of her aunt and grandmother.

Starting from a young age... Brandie understood the true magic of being in the hair industry was empowering clients to love themselves from the inside out.

Following this path, she became a hairstylist with dreams of one day owning a salon. In 2011, she stepped out on faith and created what’s known today as the Be Kekoa Salon and healthy haircare brand.